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Addition & Full Interior Remodel

This beautiful mid-century modern residence in the Newlands neighborhood of Boulder lended an existing architectural rulebook for us to follow. The addition in front (characterized by the butterfly roof) helped create a landscaped entry court into the new home-- a threshold that was lacking originally. The scale of the cul-de-sac the house sits on begged for us to provide a few layers of design and threshold to lead to the modern interior. The landscape (designed by RDesign in Denver) was the first important step in setting the experience with a few subtle modern details. This project is proof that collaboration between landscape, architecture and interior design can often result in the strongest experiences.

The interior was completely gutted and remodeled to reveal this open, well-lit floor plan. The original house had a large fireplace in the center of the house, requiring us to rethink the structural concept of the house. The entryway features a partition with modern apertures (though hidden within is a lateral-force resisting steel frame). This wall provides a key moment when entering the house so guests know they've landed somewhere. Beyond that the living room was opened to the outdoors and the kitchen went through a complete modern remodel. One secret feature of the kitchen is the kid-proof durability of the laminate cabinets. They can take as much abuse as possible and still look tirelessly fresh and modern!

The general contractor on this project was Ron Patryaes, Interior design by Kimball Modern, landscape architecture by R Design. Note that the project was under the direction of HMH Architecture + Interiors.

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