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A 1960s rural ranch gets a shave and a haircut.

On this phenomenal three-acre rural property North of Boulder, sweeping views of the jagged foothills and rolling plains are in long supply. The owners are triathletes and fitness fanatics, drawn to the area's intersection of world-class cycling climbs and rural single-track and gravel routes frequented by the distance-running community. To be designed and built in phases, this initial design represents the move-in-ready remodel that sets the tone for the rest of the development. To accommodate the existing low-slung ranch guest wing (and two more future additions to follow), the roof over the main living space was replaced with high-volume trusses to establish a spatial hierarchy as the social entertaining mixing-space. Materials, hierarchy, tone, mood-- all are delicately arranged and work together to establish a road map for this home to morph into the ideal Boulder athlete's work-at-home-but-also-get-in-a-midday-workout residence.

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